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A chocolate spotted Ocicat female
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CFA Winners!

Congratulations to CFA's first Ocicat

Grand Champion of Distinction

GC, GPD, RW Wolfengang Happy-Go-Bryht Moon bred and owned by Fuyu Hayagashi

Grand Premier of Distinction

GC, GPD, NW Ocigatos Bacchus of Blue Mune bred by Kathy Gumm, owned by Kristine Kaliszewski and Kathy Gumm

The 2013-2014 Show Season Best Cats, Kittens and Premiers!

The Best Ocicats in Championship in CFA

GC, BW, NW Chaoci Mushu of Ocimanor
bred by Deb Metz and Jacqui Bennet, owned by Russ Haller, Deb Metz and Jacqui Bennet
GC, RW DotDotDot Reflections of Wild Rain
bred and owned by Roger and Nancy Brown and David and Carol Freels
GC, RW Mango Tango's Ochos Rios
bred by Patty Arnold, owned by Patty Arnold and Ann Jucha

The Best Ocicats in Kittens in CFA

GC, RW DotDotDot BornintheUSA of Wild Rain
bred by David & Carol Freels, owned by Roger & Nancy Brown
GC, NW DotDotDot Reflections of Wild Rain
bred by David & Carol Freels, owned by Roger & Nancy Brown
GC, RW Calumet Cats Aragon of Wild Rain
bred by Fran Volkman, owned by David and Carol Freels

The Best Ocicats in Premiership in CFA

GP, RW Mango Tango's Kat Man Du of Irushka
bred by Patricia Arnold, owned by Patricia Arnold, Linda Haslow and Cathy Kennedy
GP, RW Wolfengang Happy Go Breezy Moon
bred and owned by Fuyu Hayashi
GP, RW Dreamsong Logan Jafar of Dynamicat
bred by Daedra Marshall, owned by Venus Devoe and Daedra Marshall
Congratulations to CH DotDotDot's Ciao Bella of Wild Rain, DM! 2014's only Ocicat DM, sired by GC Calumet Cats Onyx of DotDotDot x DotDotDot's Dash was bred by Roger & Nancy Brown and owned by David & Carol Freels.
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