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The 2013 CFA World Show featured an Ocicat as Best Kitten in both the Red and Purple show! DotDotDot BornintheUSA of Wild Rain was 1st Runner Up in Best of the Best.

Left: David Freels with DOTDOTDOT REFLECTIONS OF WILD RAIN. Right: Roger Brown with DOTDOTDOT BORNINTHEUSA of WILDRAIN. They were the Best Kittens in Show in the Red and Purple show respectively. DotDotDot BornintheUSA was 1st Runner Up in the Best of the Best. Wayne Trevathan with DOTDOTDOT REFLECTIONS OF WILD RAIN.

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This wild-looking spotted breed is a blend of the best of the all-domestic breeds of Abyssinian, Siamese and American Shorthair. There is no wild blood in Ocicats The predictable temperament and playful athleticism of the Ocicat win as many friends as its spotted good looks!

We only look wild!

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